CHRONOS: Innovative device for evaluation of Motor Functional Age


Increasing of EU aging population is a clear reality. This situation induces the emergence of stimulating challenges like how maintaining an “active aging” through well-being and independence for the frail population. Another challenge is the lack of physical activity and healthy habits of EU citizens. Both challenges are related to the same effect: muscle aging (sarcopenia) and the occurrence of “functional motor loss” that has a costly impact on EU healthcare policies. This functional loss is classically evaluated with clinical scores using Activities of Daily Living (ADL) and sarcopenia assessed by costly imaging equipment. The ADL scores are only indirectly related to muscle aging and lacks precision and sensitivity. In this project, the concept of MFA is provided to evaluate earlier motor decline, more precisely, and in a standardized way, since it is directly related to muscle efficiency.


Thus, the aim of the CHRONOS project is to provide an innovative device, bearing on a recent technique, the High-Density surface EMG (HD-sEMG) to allow several age categories (between 25-85 years old) of persons to measure their MFA that is directly related to their motor abilities. In fact, after clinical validation, the proposed system will help to define the difference between the real CA of people and their real functional abilities through the MFA evaluation. Both young, middle-aged and seniors, aware about their MFA, will be more health educated about the importance of MFA, encouraged to practice exercise and adopt healthier diets to overcome functional loss. Using the device, HCPs and healthcare industry will be able to develop personalized strategies/therapies and medication (i.e anti-sarcopenic) in health prevention. These actions could provide significant economical savings for EU health policies and perfectly fit with the EIT Health challenge “Support Active Aging” and the EIT Health Business Objective that deals with “Overcoming functional loss”.



EIT Health aims to accelerate entrepreneurship and innovation in healthy living and active aging, by providing Europe´s top talents with new opportunities and resources for the benefit of all citizens. In CHRONOS, EIT Health brings together 7 complementary partners with similar interests and common goals that respond to the triangle model of research-industry-end user. The consortium consists of academic actors in science (UPMC) and bioengineering (UTC), a world-leading public hospital system (APHP), leading manufacturing company in the innovative technology (TMSi), healthcare industry representing future customer (Abbott), an internationally renowned business school (IESE Business School) and end-users (E-seniors).

EIT Health allows the formation of a consortium that is highly complementary allowing a structure to ensure rapid development, testing, deployment of solutions in real world environment, and covering all the steps of the value chain. This unique combination of each partner’s skills and expertise will allow a rapid and user-oriented translation of the knowledge available in the research partners towards business opportunities, keeping in mind the specific requirements of the end-users.

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